Region of CoverGlobal
Hospital CategoryC-D
Total Benefit Limit4,000,000
General and Specialist Consultations, Prescribed Medicines and Laboratory tests
Accidents & Emergencies: Resuscitative or lifesaving initial treatment
Management of Chronic Diseases- Consultation, Prescription drugs and Laboratory tests√ (₦150,000 Limit on Prescription Drugs)
Accommodation (including feeding)General Ward  (Lower of30 Days/Annum&₦150,000/Annum)
Accommodation for Mothers Whose Dependants are on admission (excluding feeding) (Limited to SCBU/NICU Cases only)
PhysiotherapyLower of (48 Hrs&₦30,000)
X-Rays, Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests10 Sessions
Routine Immunisations for 0-5years (NPI), including pentavalent vaccines (diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough)
Additional Immunizations for 0-5 years,(Hepatitis B, HiB, chicken pox, MMR, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, meningitis, yellow fever)
 Additional Immunizations (6yrs and above) (Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B)
Optical Care (Treatment of Chronic & Acute Eye Diseases)
Opthalmic Surgery (Upto Surgical Limit)Hepatitis B, HiB, Yellow Fever
Optical: Eye testing, Lenses, Frames & Contact, Lenses(Once in two years)
Primary Dental Care – relief of pain, fillings, nonsurgical, extractions, preventive care, scaling and polishingHepatitis B, Yellow Fever
Secondary Dental Care (Dental Surgical Extraction & Root Canal Therapy), Dental Prosthetics√ (Up to Chronic Drug Management Limit)
Antenatal Care + Delivery+ Postnatal Care 6 Weeks) ( Global Refundable Limit applies*)
Family Planning ServicesN10,000
Advanced & Complex Investigations(limited To CT, Scan, MRI Scan and echocardiograph)
Surgeries including daycase procedures (minor, intermediate and major surgeries)( Global Refundable Limit applies*)IUCD (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device e.g. Copper T,Lippes Loop, Injectibles, Pills
Cancer Care: Oncology Tests, Drugs + Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy ( Global Refundable Limit applies*)CT/M.R.I Scan Only (4 times per annum)
Intensive Care Services1/week
Neonatal Intensive Care Services (Incubator Care) and Special Care Baby Unit
Kidney Dialysis
Health ChecksN500,000
Infertility Treatment3 Days
Global Refundable Limit for Cancer Care(7 Days/ ₦300,000/Annum)
Global Refundable Limit for Surgery
Global Refundable Limit for Maternity2 Sessions
Psychiatric TreatmentLimited to:  Basic (Physical, BP, Blood Sugar, Genotype, Blood Group, PCV, Urinalysis)
HIV/AIDS Care & TreatmentRoadside to Hospital &                          Hospital to Hospital
Inter-State Referral Services for services not available in StateFertility Consultations, Counselling, USS, SFA (N50,000 Limit)
Interstate travel by commercial airline, (economy category)Subject to overall Cancer Care Limit
Medical enquiriesSubject to overall Surgical Limit
Second  opinionN150,000
Hospital Accommodation(where medically necessary)Outpatient Only (6 Months)
Prescribed medicines and laboratory tests
Mortuary Services (Cleaning, Embalment, Storage, Autopsy)
N100,000 limit

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