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It’s Raining Sales: Hygeia HMO Announces First Ever Black Friday Sales.

It’s Raining Sales: Hygeia HMO Announces First Ever Black Friday Sales.   Hygeia HMO, the leading Health Management Organization in…

Meet The Top Rated Hospitals in Nigeria For Q2 2019

Lagos, Nigeria. – The regular rankings of hospitals in Nigeria by Hygeia HMO – Nigeria’s premier health insurer has revealed the Q2 rankings of the top hospitals in Nigeria according to Hygeia HMO members.
As always, the rankings depend on the deep analytics capability of Hygeia HMO’s technological innovations and derives these insights from the feedback from members actually using the hospitals.
All of the feedback and the rankings derived help patients make informed decisions about where to receive care and provide deserving hospitals with the recognition that superior service deserves.

The rains are coming

The rains come with a lot of dangers not to mention providing ideal breeding grounds for all kinds of pathogens.The dangers may come in the form of infectious bacteria and viruses that become active due to the high humidity brought about by repeated spells of rain.This post will provide simple precautions you can take immediately to stay in peak health condition.

Hygeia HMO launches financing for IVF treatments in Nigeria through Access Bank

About 20% of Nigerian couples are involuntarily childless and cannot fulfil their dreams of a child of their own. This…


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