HyMat: Maternity Plan

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    indicates services which are covered
    indicates services not covered under the specific plan


    The following are excluded from the HyMat Plans:

      1. All surgeries
      2. Overseas treatment and Transplant surgery
      3. Herbal drugs, non-prescription drugs, food supplements, and experimental drugs and treatment
      4. Other laboratory investigations not listed in the schedule of covered services
      5. Other immunizations not listed in the schedule of covered services
      6. Neonatal care not listed under neonatal services
      7. All Covid-19 testing and treatment
      8. All treatments for Speech disorders
      9. Room upgrades beyond that specified in the plan benefits
      10. Treatments of Congenital Abnormalities
      11. Management of severe burns (burns covering more than 10% body surface area)
      12. Learning difficulties, behavioral and developmental problems
      13. Consultations with unrecognized consultants, hospitals, family doctors, therapists, dental practitioners, or complementary medicines practitioners
      14. Treatment of ailments or injuries arising from pandemics, epidemics, riots, civil unrest, and
      15. Any other treatment, service, procedure, or investigation not listed in the schedule of covered medical services

      A.     NOTE

      1. The benefit is only available in the baby’s first year of life. Upon the expiration of the plan, the mother must be advised to purchase any of the other retail plans.
      2. All benefits are subject to their respective sectional limits which are described as Inpatient Limit and Outpatient Limit. However, within the respective sectional limit, there are specific benefit limits as Consequently, if any specific benefit limit under the sectional limit is exhausted, the remaining limit in that section will only cover other benefits within the section apart from the one that the specific benefit limit has been exhausted


    Maximum principal age limit is 50 years