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What To Do When You’re Delayed At A Hospital? – WhatsApp Us

Hello there!

Thank you for choosing Hygeia HMO to help you stay healthy and productive.

To ensure we continue to improve the way we handle your feedback, we are introducing the HyCare WhatsApp support channel.

With HyCare on WhatsApp, you can easily give us real-time feedback on your experience whenever you are accessing care at any of our partner providers.

Here’s how to reach us on WhatsApp:

  • Save the Hycare WhatsApp support number: 0701 348 7432 on your phone
  • Open WhatsApp and select the HyCare phone number
  • Send the keyword – DELAY – whenever you experience a delay at an hospital
  • Follow the prompts and receive a response within 10 minutes.

For questions, comments or complaints, please call 0700 494342 466 or email

Thank you for being Hygeian. We wish you health so you can live more life!


  1. Medinat says:

    Pls I will like to know the closest GOOD hospital
    Under hygeia around Mowe Ogun state

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